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DAP® Caulks and Sealants

We get it, some home projects can be intimidating – but they don’t have to be! One of the easiest and most important projects you can do to protect your home, reduce your energy bill and make your home look polished is with DAP caulks and sealants. Plus, now is the best time to knock out a few caulking projects, because you can save 25% off all DAP caulks and sealants with coupon August 31 through September 26!

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If you’ve noticed cracked or peeling caulk around your kitchen sink or in your bathroom, it’s incredibly important to strip that old caulk and apply a new seal. Not only will this prohibit mold, but it will also keep water from getting into places where it’s not supposed to be and prevent larger, costly repairs in the future.

Additionally, if your home is not properly sealed, conditions outside can affect the temperature inside and cost you money. Make sure that your A/C isn’t working overtime by sealing up gaps around your windows and doors. DAP has created specialty caulks and sealants to protect your home from the elements, helping you stop leaks in doors, windows, foundations, electrical fittings on walls and ceilings, pipework leading outside and ceiling-to-wall joints.

McCoy’s carries many affordable tools to make your caulking project easier. Our stripping and finishing tool allows you to easily remove old caulk and smooth out the new caulk to ensure it has a proper seal. Our caulk guns help provide a consistent amount of pressure as you are applying the new caulk so that your lines stay clean and look polished.


  • Discount good on in-stock items only
  • Promotion does not include McCoy’s painters caulk
  • Check store for availability
  • Coupon good in-store only (not online)